7 Benefits You Gain By Studying At An International School

7 Benefits You Gain By Studying At An International School

The number of American students studying abroad increased 8.5 per cent to an amazing 174,000 during the school year after 9/11 (2002-2003). This disaster has caused many people to realize that we are not an isolated country, but part of a global economy. So, they have invested a year abroad in droves to get to know more of the world they call home. The numbers have stayed strong ever since. But is this the only reason a student would consider uprooting to study abroad for a year from the security of college or university life in the US? The benefits are so numerous that an article of this size can only begin to list them according to those who have done it.

First, in a few years, imagine your CV. It says, “Studied abroad for the year-at-.” That entry would be a great selling point for future employment in our global society. Employers are looking for the experience and skills learned from the cross-cultural learning demands. A few of these are flexibility, innovation, patience, creativity and teamwork.Check This Out for more information.

Students studying abroad learn to be self-confident and adaptable as they learn to maneuver through big cities, deal with language barriers and seek to live in a different culture. They are forced to be bold to find a response if they need to know something, and to laugh at their many mistakes in doing so.

Studying abroad, the student is often immersed in a foreign language. Even though he’s been studying the language before, learning to use it naturally is often a giant step beyond classroom. Hearing everyday people’s language and using it himself forces him to make it his own.

Beyond the classroom, studying abroad provides unique learning opportunities. In their original context the art , music, literature , and history of a country are before him.

A student will understand firsthand what stereotyping is through living with the natives. It will help him to see his own guilt in stereotyping others, and provide him with a venue for ridding the locals of their American stereotypes.

If the student attends a school in a major international city, beyond those of his adopted country, he could experience many cultures. To the breadth of his education, students from other countries add.

The student will most likely be close to a vast array of tourist opportunities. In Europe , for example, the Eurail system is famous for being timely and extensive. Travel is comfortable, and not far from famous sites.

Robert Cline