Digital Marketing-An Analysis

Digital Marketing-An Analysis

When we use the term “digital marketing,” in fact we are referring to a brand’s online marketing activities. Get more informations about Make My Business Boom – Hanover various brands.

So, if you wonder what Digital Marketing (DM) is, here’s your answer: This is a Business practice that delivers promotional messages via online platforms such as websites, mobile apps, search engines, social media and emails. This helps a brand generate interest amongst its customers in their goods.

Though DM became famous in the year 2000. It’s revolutionized brand communication in the last couple of years.

In a real sense: it’s brand advertising (advertisements) delivered via electronic platforms like television, radio, internet, etc. Electronic channels generate, store and send data in the number 0 or 1. series

So it can happen online as well as offline.

If the above is accurate, since Guglielmo Marconi first sent wireless signals in 1896, it has existed.

Isn’t it nuts!

The simple definition of DM, however, doesn’t say enough about digital marketing practice in today’s world.

The sense is meaningless as technology is just the digital marketing enabler. So let’s understand what digital marketing is exactly like?

What’s Digital Marketing in Depth Today?

In the context of today: It is an online collection of digital marketing promotion events. Such activities help an individual or organization meet their target audience, and achieve their business and financial goals.

So when we say digital marketing, we are basically referring to modern online marketing.

Offline digital marketing is the other form of DM, which occurs on other electronic devices such as Radio or Television.

I know you’re not here to read about radio or television, so I’ll spare you (although I’ve invested millions of dollars in Offline marketing throughout my career).

I’m actually referring to “Internet Digital Marketing” when I say “DM” in this post, because that’s what you plan to read here, right?

It is not just one activity but a set of marketing activities.

It’s social and not a one way thing. It allows for two-way communication and is much more engaging compared with other methods of marketing. Interactivity is what differentiates it from television advertising which is also electronic but not interactive.

It occurs online. What this essentially means is that the activity takes place on the Internet or on telecom networks. Although it does happen online, it can empower the virtual or offline world as well. Email marketing or social media marketing or search engine marketing is an example of DM in the virtual or on-line environment. When we say digital marketing we just apply to virtual or online marketing in the colloquial sense. In the offline world, one example of this is the use of tablets to showcase product deals at a retail store.

It is beneficial to a person or organisation. Like TV or newspaper ads, it is useful not only for large companies but also for individuals as well. On small budgets also one can take advantage of digital advertising.

This helps meet the target audience, and engage them. It is oriented, and through targeting strategies can be utilized to meet their audience.

This helps achieve both business and financial targets. It is tangible, and driven by ROI. It helps to achieve market & financial goals.

Robert Cline