Don’t Worry About Personal Injury Claims

Don’t Worry About Personal Injury Claims

You have been hurt but to no fault of your own. Maybe you took a fall while shopping at your local grocery store. An incident report was filled out by a member of store management regarding this personal injury and you were recommended to obtain a medical examination. But instead you simply went home thinking that all would be better in the morning, besides you have never had a personal injuury. Check injuries and legal representation.

You try to get out of bed only to discover that your back won’t let you, when your alarm clocks ring to wake you up. Thankfully, on your bedside table, you have a bottle of aspirin so you can take a few and lay back down in hopes that relief will soon be on its way. After another half an hour you again attempt to get out of bed and much to your relief you achieve this feat. In the hopes that the hot water will cause your back to loosen up and you can continue with your day, you head to the shower.

After the shower you begin to realise that you might have really done some harm to your back with the fall you took yesterday. You took two aspirin, stood for at least fifteen minutes in a really hot tub, and yet the pain has not been diminished one bit. You’re probably suffering more now than you did this morning when you woke up. You have only taken about a half of an hour to dry yourself from your shower and get ready. You plan to contact the doctor to see if you can get an appointment to see him today at any time. You are happy to hear that he does have an opportunity later today but you fear that your back is just going to get more inflamed as the day goes on. You make the appointment even with this awful thought running through your mind.

Once you had offered a thorough explanation about your fall, x-rays were taken, and now you hear that you have broken a few disc and you will need surgery. The only thing is that the surgery will have to be put off until sometime next week because of the swelling. All you can think about is how much you’re suffering, how long you’re going to miss out on work, and how your family will be able to live with you.

As soon as you can you contact your supervisor to tell him about your current situation. You are relieved to learn that he fully understands and he even offered some advice. You found during your talk that you would need a personal injury attorney.

After a quick review on your yellow pages and a short personal injury online search, you call a local lawyer searching for assistance. You send a short explanation as to what has happened and an appointment is given to meet with the lawyer. The next day you are in his office.

You discover during this meeting that all the medical costs, including any physical therapy, are the responsibility of the grocery store. You are also told that you will be entitled to collect temporary disability benefits when you are out of work and at the completion of your application you may expect to receive insurance for any pain and suffering. Needless to say you are very relieved to learn all of this information;however, you are concerned with how you will pay the attorney fees.

Instead the solicitor will be paid a share of every final claim that is paid by the grocery store or their insurance provider. With this understanding completely understood, you agree to have this solicitor in this case take care of all matters. When you leave the office you finally begin to understand that you new attorney was right when he told you don’t worry about personal injury.

Robert Cline