Insurance Agencies Are Missing Out on Millions

Insurance Agencies Are Missing Out on Millions

Is it true that insurance companies are expected to provide beneficial products and services needed and warranted by their clients? Insurance companies have been around for hundreds of years offering many much needed types of insurance plans and policies. However, there is a massive market open of between $15 and $25 billion ready for insurance companies, brokers, and every qualified sales person to jump in and take advantage of this huge opportunity. As I see it, there aren’t many agencies that provide their clients with these beneficial products and services. If that is really the case, whose interest is really watching out for these agencies-it does not seem to be the interest of the company. The bottom line is that customers need these goods and services, so why are the companies not offering the programs at a neck-breaking rate?If you wish to learn more about this, visit other

The Huge Product Need

There is a tremendous need for legal representation services in both North America and Canada. Less than 3 per cent of the population have access to legal services of quality. What is that for? It might be because people are frightened by attorneys, they just don’t know who to contact, or they might feel like they’re not going to be able to afford the fees for the lawyer. Today, over 50 per cent of families have a legal situation this very instant. The sad part of this is that most families either ignore the issue, or seek to deal with it on their own.

The Wert Of A Plan

For most insurance products and services, the consumer must wait for anything terrible to happen before they can receive some interest on a monthly basis from the package they are prepaying for. As a customer, like a prepaid cell phone, a prepaid calling card, or a prepaid Visa / Master debt card, I want to be able to reap the benefits of having the plan the same day, if necessary. This is not typically the case with today’s insurance plans.

Insurance companies, today you will make this happen to millions of North American people and Canadians. Note that these products and services are available to less than 3 per cent of people. Only one organization has those products and services ready to provide to your customer base with your agency and sales team. Unless you aren’t able to make legal support arrangements for your clients then someone else would.

When you have the talent to market and inspire a sales team, then legal service plans are the ideal option for you and your sales representative. The dilemma for you is that you want to associate yourself with this money-making company and a million dollar chance. “Social Resources” is an costly investment, and the opportunity to offer legal service programs and services to the sales staff. You will give them the ability to make as many commissions as they wish to make without the agency having huge overhead costs. By selling more plans, the agents will give themselves a raise at any time from those legal plans alone. As they sell more plans you’ll see a tremendous increase in your bottom-line profits. The advantages here are that the agency makes more money and retains more of its sales force, the agents make more commissions and the customers get the products and services they can use minutes after buying. Through adding this product to the current goods and services, any organization that has a skilled sales force will also expand faster than its rivals. Increased revenues and fees with no extra operating expenses, this is really a powerful tool for selling companies to make money.

Robert Cline