Pest Control Solutions That Work

Pest Control Solutions That Work

Sadly due to the bug-rich conditions in the southeast, pest control is a must. Rising pest problem involves termites, bees, wasps and hornets, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, etc. From early spring through the summer months to fall, these forms of pest-if not managed-can trigger irritation, stings, and in some cases, such as termites, a significant amount of money and energy. There are many ways to approach the issue and there are two ways that produce positive results in particular.You may find more details about this at All Pest Solutions

A method called Integrated Pest Management is a simpler , more efficient and environmentally sustainable approach to pest control. An IPM program includes property monitoring, weed and harbor area detection, sealing off entry points, maintaining attics, basements, crawl spaces, trap use, and sanitation. An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program represents a more comprehensive pest control approach. IPM goes beyond simply spraying pesticides until the issue goes away, as this is not a long-term solution that is safe or reliable. An IPM approach initially conducts a thorough inspection to collect information. Once the plagues are identified, you can then determine what causes the plague problem (i.e. what can be done in addition to using pesticides to eliminate the problem). You will then enforce an action plan, make recommendations to homeowners and ultimately apply a small amount of pesticide if necessary. Using chemicals, several insect problems are overcome and only take a little time to investigate.

Exterior perimeter services are another effective way to reduce pests, and were introduced with the increasing ant populations in Georgia a few years ago. Many people who are on a quarterly service would say “I knew it was time for our next service because we started to see bugs.” The treatments for pests begin to wear down and become ineffective over time, so continued maintenance is needed. You don’t want to see any glitches at all though-even though it ‘s time for your next operation.

Experienced pest control firms will only perform treatments on alternating months and on the outside. Because most bugs come from outside, these therapies can control them before they enter your home or office. You should expect to see immediate results and an increase in long-term pest control efficiency with the move to an Alternate Month Perimeter operation. Because of ongoing exterior service, the need to schedule an interior appointment can be virtually eliminated, and the number of customers reporting bugs is dramatically reduced. As pest control companies don’t have to mess with your schedule, it turns into a win-win operation, and you don’t have to worry about bringing pest into your house.

Robert Cline