Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security

Some of the most costly things to add to your home can be home security systems. If you have incorporated contract costs, tracking, maybe a land line and the components of course. Most security companies want to offer you an extended contract baseline monitoring package and give you a sense of peace of mind and protection. The truth is that most of them sub-contract their alarm response systems and it can be quite some time before anybody actually responds to an alarm signal directly. Plus you have very few options for handling your own alarms and details.You may find more details about this at Smart Home Installation near me

Smart Homes can have their own surveillance, alarms, cameras, sirens and warnings set up to deliver or even call you directly to your phone, laptop, email. When you take the time to look through some of the options you can find that in your home controller you can actually mount wireless sensors that act as temperature / humidity / occupancy sensors and network them into various “scenes” to do different things when activated. You might have wireless door and window switches that turn on the lights and heat when you approach the door when the home is in “job” mode. Or “vacation” mode could set off a loud siren if you’re on a trip out of town and call your cell phone. There are a wide range of devices that can be set up to work off occupancy sensors or door and window switches as well so if you happen to be out of town you can call the camera on your phone and see if there is an unknown individual in your house before calling the police.

Honeywell provides a regular alarm panel with a z-wave interface for connecting your own gadgets to your network. This is quite useful because Honeywell also has its own line of cameras, sensors and security devices that can cross interfaces and make your Smart Home even safer. Even smoke detectors can be networked into your system to perform automated tasks such as shutting off all electrical outlets and appliances while sounding alarms and alerting you instantly via text, email or whatever sort of alert you set up.

Of course there are companies that will market and install full home security and automation systems for you. Get Piper is one that has fairly complete systems and control software that will get you up and running quickly if you don’t want to personalize your own home security completely. Their framework also networks with many other devices and brands which will enable you to expand into other domestic automation domains in the future. The ability to monitor alarms, smoke detectors, door and window switches and that your devices are all turned off while you’re away will give you great peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing you’re in charge of your security and surveillance, not a faceless corporation and programmer sitting far away at a desk.

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