Fire Evacuation Chair – Insights

In order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, it is vital that all companies have equipment in place for disabled access. Although many publicly accessed properties have wheelchair ramps installed, there are other pieces of equipment that businesses should invest in. It is a common misconception that in the event of a fire, the fire brigade should eliminate those with disabilities. It is actually the company’s responsibility, which should have an evacuation chair in place. Find expert advice click to read more.

Unfortunately, building most of the buildings assumes that those who escaped from a property will be able to walk down steps to reach a safe area. An evacuation chair is essentially a wheelchair that can be used to provide quick and efficient escape for disabled people in these areas.

One online company acknowledges the importance of investing in chairs for evacuation and learning how to use them in an emergency. For this purpose they provide a vast array of chairs and provide business training.

The products they have to offer are available with a range of features which guarantee users the utmost comfort and functionality. Their goods range from simple yet successful prototypes such as the Exitmaster Versa to the fully-equipped Xpert-powered drive unit.

By visiting their website, businesses can browse the equipment this retailer has to offer, with images and extensive specifications they will be able to choose the right evacuation chair for their needs and their budget.

We realize that many workers won’t have experience using the devices, and their training programs were structured to demonstrate best practices to the workforce. In certain cases, the course instructor will use an emergency chair to explain how to use devices to help participants appreciate what the individual would face.

Visit their website and press the’ Visit the DDA ‘ button to read more about the Disability Discrimination Act and how it impacts your business. Full details on the evacuation chair options can also be found on their website, and they recommend calling for more information to speak to a friendly team member.