Tips On Choosing Your Kitchen Counter Tops

Tips On Choosing Your Kitchen Counter Tops

After installing your kitchen cabinets the next step is to choose your counter tops. This can be a challenge these days considering that there are so many different materials to choose from. You have to depend not only on colour, but also on pattern and texture to choose the right content. There really aren’t rules to pick your counters. It ‘s critical that you pay attention to maintenance though. It is crucial that you understand the different materials that you have available.You can learn more at look here.

Laminate Plastic

Plastic laminate is one of the most common and cheapest of all counter tops, by far.

These counter tops are simple to mount and come in a selection of patterns and colours. They normally resist stain, water and mildew really well but something sharp will chip or scrape the car. It must be replaced after it has been destroyed, since it can not be restored. Higher end laminates now imitate the appearance of stone, leather and even woods, and provide pattern and texture.

Total surface

Strong surface materials are highly durable and typically made of polyester or acrylic. The material is durable, which allows chips which dents to be fixed. Maintaining this counter top is reasonably simple by using a mild cleanser on a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning every day. You can find solid surfaces in several different colours.


Granite is among the most common counter tops used in the kitchens today. It comes in a range of colours and is very robust. It has to be sealed regularly to preserve your granite but a mild cleanser is needed for regular maintenance. Granite is essentially non-porous but can stain for long periods of time when exposed to acidic liquids. Granite comes in slab but use granite tiles instead if you are looking for a cheap repair.


Marble is a smooth, porous stone that stains very easily. Leaving water on it sometimes leaves a mark. But marble is a stylish alternative.


It’s a perfect choice for those who like natural warmth and beauty wood. However, when exposed to sunlight, wood expands and contracts depending on environmental factors, and it can warp. Wood can be finished with varnish, and if harmed, can be sanded and polished. It is best to clean off liquid spills from wooden counter tops as soon as possible. Soap and water are used to disinfect everyday care.

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