Types of House Alarm Systems

Types of House Alarm Systems

House alarm systems are widely recognized as the best way of protecting your home and warning yourself against intruders. There are several types of house alarm systems, however, and not knowing which one is most compatible with your house will result in them not functioning as effectively. There are several styles of burglar alarms-the more complex and advanced house security devices from the do – it-yourself typesto. To make sure you get the most out of them, it would be helpful to know the types of house alarm systems, and then decide which one you think is best for your house. You may want to check out useful reference.

Types of House Alarm Systems· The B-Type Alarm In the case of house alarm systems, the b-type (also called the audible only type) is the most common and well-known among citizens. This particular type of alarm is that which, when set off, emits a very loud siren or bell alarm. This type of alarm is mostly based on the assumption that, once they hear the alarm, neighbors or passer-bys will call the police.

The B-type is graded as such because of the level of priority given by the police. This only got secondary ranking because it was known to be an inefficient form of identification. Police have received more than thousands of false alarm calls daily for several years. This is why the B Type device is not known to be the most accurate to use as a house security alarm, since possible noises supposedly coming from intruders may just have been triggered by shattering of glass or household pet mishief.

A-Type Alarm The A-Type alarm, also known as the Monitored Alarm, is the one the police prioritize. The A-type system, unlike the ineffective sound detector, uses a private monitoring device to track the motions inside and outside the building. Once a suspicious person’s intrusion or sighting is detected the monitoring station will call the police in turn. This is used mostly by factories and houses further removed from neighboring houses.

Auto-Dialler System Auto-Dialler system is the most frequently used system inside a house. The system works in such a way that the wire connected to the telephone lines automatically dials a predetermined set of numbers once the alarm is breached. Such figures may be the office level, family numbers, employers, acquaintances, or the supervising organization. We will be the first to disclose the violation to police.

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